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What Are The Working Homework Strategies For Middle Schoolers?

The biggest homework challenges that middle schoolers will have to cope with is that they will have a lot more homework than when they were in the last two years of Elementary school. The major problem that comes with these changes is that more homework means more assignments to keep track of.

Life was easier in Elementary school as having only one teacher meant that you only had one piece of work assigned at any one time, but at Middle school there is one teacher for each subject. So the key word here is organisation and middle schoolers are going to need a little help especially if their grades are dependent on handing the work in.

The important thing here is to promote organisation and management skills. It’s not just about doing the home work and handing it in, it is about juggling which piece of work needs to be completed first and learning to cope with long term projects at the same times as shorter assignments that have a quick turn around.


  1. Using a Diary (or Calendar).
    • Some schools support the need for homework diaries, if not make sure that your middle schooler has a diary where they can write down when the work was assigned and when it needs to be completed.
    • Encourage use of the diary as a tool that they need to refer to on a daily basis. Also use it as a visual so they can see how they need to plan their time especially if they have after school activities or there are family celebrations.
  2. Establishing times to work at home.
    • School can be tiring and at the end of a day in school, they may not feel like sitting back down and starting on more work. Make sure that they take a break, have a snack and just relax.
    • Establish a place where they can work uninterrupted at home. The kitchen is not the best place as it can be a busy place with lots going on. A designated area in their room will help (even if they are playing their favourite music).
  3. Designate a sensible time limit.
    • It is surprising the amount and quality of writing that a child can complete within the matter of a few minutes. Five minutes of focussed work can accomplish far more than 50 minutes of unfocussed work hat is produced under protest.
    • You may have to negotiate the amount of time that they devote to their work and your best tactic here is to compromise or even rewards for good behaviour rather than a battle of wills and arguments.

Inputs and ideas like these can only help and support the middle schooler cope with the demands of attending Middle School.

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