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How To Deal With Math Homework Problems: 8 Useful Hints

Math homework can be tricky at any level, from secondary school to university. There are, however, some vital hints that can make doing any sort of homework problems a doddle. Below are 8 of the best and most useful tips to bear in mind when tackling your math work at home.

  1. Break the work down
  2. If you are confronted with a list of 50 questions, for instance, break them down and aim to do ten at a time within a certain amount of time.

  3. Be realistic
  4. If you strive to do too much in a certain amount of time and you don’t manage it, you’re going to get stressed. Be realistic about how much time it will take you to complete your math problems, including time to check your answers.

  5. Always check your answers!
  6. It sounds obvious, but this is an essential stage of your work. This is how you catch silly errors and really learn from your mistakes.

  7. RTBQ - read the blooming question!
  8. If you aren’t properly paying attention to the questions, then you will almost certainly be making silly, easily preventable mistakes. Therefore, make sure you read each of the questions well before you even attempt to answer them.

  9. Read through your notes
  10. You will probably have notes from class. Before you attempt any of your homework problems, make sure to read through your notes to ensure that you understand what the questions want from you.

  11. Take distractions away
  12. You’re more likely to make mistakes if you have distractions all around you - computers, phones, and televisions, for example. Take these away before you tackle your work!

  13. Work with friends or family
  14. Some people do not find working with others particularly productive, but if you do, it is worth doing your work with others. Try doing your exercises with fellow students in order to talk through your methods, check answers and generally make the experience a lot more enjoyable. If your family members are also available and willing, you can sometimes work with them in order to really show that you understand the subject matter.

  15. Enjoy yourself!
  16. Your work will go by much faster if you enjoy yourself as you complete it! Whether this means working with friends or classmates or just rewarding yourself for every ten exercises you complete with some sort of sweet treat, it doesn’t matter! Just make sure you have fun.

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