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How Can I Enhance My Essay Writing Skills: Great Techniques

For some people, writing an essay can be an excruciating experience. It does not have to be. Anyone can be a great writer; you only have to work at it. Be disciplined, hone your skills and soon you will be writing the best essays you can imagine. Read on for some great techniques that will help you improve your essay writing skills.

  1. Learn the Basics
  2. Think of an example. Imagine a car mechanic has to fix a car but he does not know anything about how an engine works. Will he be able to fix the car? The answer, as expected, is a resounding no. the same applies to writing. If you do not know how to spell, what the rules of grammar are and what punctuation is, you will not be able to write effectively. So pick up a guidebook and read up on these things. Also read about how to structure an essay and what the different types of essays are.

  3. Read a lot
  4. Read everything that you can get your hands on. Read books, magazines, articles and essays. It will help your grammar and spelling. You will learn how different writers draw a reader in. You will learn that essay writing is not just about following a structure or statement of facts; it is also about creativity and fun. Reading will also help you learn about various styles of writing. You will find out that academic writing, blog writing and writing for magazine are all different. You will find that one writer can do all of it if he or she adapts their style and is committed to learning.

  5. Write a lot
  6. Practice makes perfect. That saying is as true as it is old. To be a writer, you have to practice writing a lot. Even the best writers gain that status after having worked at it for years. This is true of any profession. Doctors become doctors by spending years in medical school. Athletes practice their various sports for years before they make it to the highest stage. A writer is no different. Just pick a topic and write.

  7. Your Writing Needs Exposure
  8. Have a friend or family read your essays. Have them read all your essays, not just the ones you have to submit at school. Take on constructive criticism and improve. Do the readers enjoy what you are writing? What mistakes are you making? Listen and improve.

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