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How To Improve Your Homework Time Management Skills: Advice From An Expert

Step one, do you have a problem?

Is it quite often that you find yourself up all night the night before the deadline for some assignment, homework or even the day of the exam? Does it reflect on your work that you stayed up all night doing it and that you began writing it at 2:00 A.M. last night? Well, if these are issues that you face regularly, or if you face issues like these regularly, then you may have a real time management problem.

Step two, acknowledge that you have a problem

It does not matter if it were an alcoholic or a pathological gambler, once you realize that you have a problem, half the problem is solved. So, if you realize that you have a time management problem, or are a serial procrastinator, half your battle is won.

Below, you may find a list of some useful tips that may help you improve your homework time management skills…

Maintain and use a day planner

You cannot remember it all, not unless you have perfect recall, which is highly unlikely to be true. Maintaining a day planner can help you plan, manage and execute a large volume of tasks without much hassle. Your computers could be valuable resources if you use the calendars or planner applications adequately. Also, if you really want to get a personalized feel, an old fashioned diary can be critically valuable as it helps you visualize things much better.

Be a part of study groups right from the get go

Procrastination can be a real problem if you try and do your tasks insulated from your peers, this problem can be easily solve if you immerse yourself in group studying activities. Since you will forcibly immerse yourself in an environment where the sole purpose of the congregation is working, you will naturally get more work done than you may have otherwise. Be wary in choosing the study group partners though, one bad apple can ruin the entire lot.

Break down the complex problems into smaller problems

A big and complex problem is often very difficult to solve and can turn out to be overwhelming. But always remember that any big problem can be solved easily if it is solved in the form of small chunks that are each of relatively less complexity. By disintegrating a big problem into smaller problems, you can find it much easier to attend to any complex problem.

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