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How To Cope With Online Homework For 5th Graders

The Internet offers a lot of help if you want to use it properly for school. There are various sources that can help 5th graders with their homework. However, you have to direct your 5th grade child how to find online help with school assignments. Here are some questions you have to answer to your 5th grade child for using the Internet for online help with school assignments.

Where should they search?

5th graders usually use the Internet for online games and social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. You have to give directions to the 5th grader to search topics on Google or other search engines. If you have web sites that offer help with homework for 5th graders, better bookmark them so that the child could easily find the site.

How to search?

If you tell a 5th grader to search the answer to their assignment at school, most surely he would either end frustrated playing a video game or chatting with friends on Facebook. You have to teach your child to use the search engine. This means to tell him to narrow down the topic of the assignment in order to find the appropriate answer.

Some subjects are easy to find help with, but others are not. For instance, you can easily assign a math problem and find a solution, but it is difficult to do a research about the science assignment for school. 5th graders are too young to select materials and they certainly need help with any type of research on the Internet.

How to download spreadsheets

If your child has practice for homework, you can download spreadsheets for them, or leave them to download for themselves. Later they will have to complete the spreadsheets and they will enjoy it.

Children feel useful when they do something. That means as long as they are busy, they are learning and are interested in the topic. Worksheets will keep them interested in the assignment, no matter how much they refuse to do it.

How to make use of online discussions

Children would love taking part in discussions with their peers and experts as well. You can register your 5th grader to student forum where he can discuss problems with homework and school. There are different forum groups for each subject. This way, students keep engaged discussing and at the same time learning new things.

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