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Choosing Argumentative Essay Topics On Environmental Issues

Argumentative essays are made to allow students prove their point of view in the course of researching a certain problem. If you are writing an argumentative essay on environmental issues, you are supposed to do some broad and deep research dedicated to this area. Your chosen methods of researching and the results that you receive in the end are expected to prove your initial point of view and guide you into further exploration of the matter.

Topics of argumentative essays on environmental issues are very important. If you receive or choose a topic that does not make you feel interested, your research will not be interesting for other people, either. That’s why you should focus on choosing the topic well, keeping in mind the fact that all your arguments must be confirmed by information discovered in other professionals’ research. At best, you should take a list of available topics and do some homework, checking whether there is enough information to provide a significant and reliable base for them.

There are online resources that can provide you with lists of good environmental issues topics. You can take advantage of these ideas, but it will be much better if you apply some creativity to the given topics. This is how you will avoid a situation in which you and your classmate prepare projects that are dedicated to the same topic. Below, you can also find a list of interesting argumentative essay topics on environmental issues that you can use for your own research.

  1. How organic food can positively influence not only the local environment, but also the whole world.
  2. The role of human activities in global warming and global climate change: activities that can decrease the negative impact.
  3. The reasons why ecologically friendly products such as electric cars are being oppressed by corporations.
  4. How being a vegetarian helps the Earth to save water.
  5. Why usage of antibiotics in the process of raising food animals makes antibiotics less effective.
  6. How consumption of meat and meat products increases the effect of global warming?
  7. The importance of recycling for the environment and the danger of growing landfills.
  8. How recycling can not only protect the environment but also save money and energy resources.
  9. The influence of rain forest destruction on aggravation of the greenhouse effect and global warming.
  10. Why usage of renewable sources of energy should be developed further for the sake of saving the environment, and how this development is being sabotaged by big energy corporations.

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