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7 Hints To Help You Compose A Good Title For A Compare And Contrast Essay

It is not always easy to find a good topic for your compare and contrast essay. You need to compose a good topic first before you are able to do anything else. When you aren’t sure how to find the right topic, there are seven hints that will help you make sure that you are choosing a good topic that will allow you to write an excellent paper without too much trouble.

  1. Make it interesting
  2. The best way to choose a topic is to list some things that you find interesting. It is so much easier to write a paper on a topic that you are interested in. You don’t mind talking about your interests so why would you want to write about something that you don’t find interesting.

  3. List both items
  4. Make a list of things that you can compare. This could be any subjects that you feel are in similar categories. These can be anything but you have to remember that you will have to write a rather lengthy paper on it so you can’t choose things with not very many attributes.

  5. Use terms that explain what type of essay you are writing
  6. When you are composing your title, you will want to use words like in comparison, similar, different, or other words that express that you are going to talk about the similarities and differences of two things. Ex: The similarities of Ford and Chevy cars.

  7. Do some brainstorming
  8. Brainstorm some ideas to see if you will have enough similarities to write a paper. If you can only think of one way that the Ford and Chevy cars are similar, choose a different topic. You have to be able to come up with at least three reasons to write about in your three body paragraphs.

  9. Create a chart
  10. Create a chart for some of your options. The one that you fill in all the way should be the one that you write your paper on.

  11. Create a thesis statement
  12. Can you develop a strong thesis on the topics that you are considering? Your title should mimic the thesis statement.

  13. Create an outline
  14. Develop an outline to make sure that the topic that you are considering will work. It is the best way to compose a title that will lead to a successful paper.

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