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Unfair Homework Should Be Banned: 4 Points To Consider

Homework is a mandatory part of every student’s educational career and sometimes it can be a significant chore. For this reason many students find alternative ways of completing their assignments without much trouble. If you are interested in finding an easy solutions to your homework problems, you can visit this company. Over the years, teachers have been giving harder, more engaging tasks to students as assignments to the point where parents and students have started to complain. The following points will list four strong reasons why unfair homework should be banned:

  1. Teachers are becoming lazy.
  2. This is a very popular claim by those against the idea of homework and there may very well be some truth in it. It has been observed that teachers have been assigning larger amounts of academic task to students for completion at home. So much more than in previous years that it can only be assumed that teachers no longer teach anything during school hours, but instead, they rely on homework as a easy way out.

  3. Extensive homework does not improve a student’s grade.
  4. Despite popular belief, giving students large amounts of assignments do not improve their grades. Students that understand the subject material will be able to complete the assignments while those that do not, cannot. This makes the entire process very counter productive and since most schools now include homework grades in a student’s final grades, this practice is likely to cause more drop outs.

  5. Students will perform better if they have ample relaxation time.
  6. This is an undeniable fact and while most adults make certain that they reserve their own relaxation time when away from work, many hold the double standard of not recognizing a student’s need for that very same luxury. Allowing schools to continue assigning unfair forms of homework can seriously jeopardize a student’s future.

  7. Parents are required to spend money and time they do not have.
  8. This may be the most surprising of result of the bad homework practices employed by teachers. Many parents find themselves dipping into their pockets to facilitate the construction of a device that their child must complete in order to receive a passing grade. This is very unfair to parents, especially ones that are struggling to make ends meet and this is a very serious reason why unfair homework should be banned.

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